Thursday, July 27, 2006

Thirst for Blood

The American dictat over the Rome conference prevailed and the demand for an immediate cease fire was scuttled. In other words Israel was given the American green light to wreak more destruction and death. The Americans’ thirst for Palestinian and Lebanese blood does not seem to have any limit.

The psychiatric vision of President Bush for a new Middle East (on the Iraqi pattern) clearly indicates that Bush is in urgent need of mental treatment. That a simian moron like Bush should reach the pinnacle of power in the United States clearly indicates that there is something wrong with the American political system. That, however, is a problem for the American people to deal with.

For us in Lebanon we see the end result of that American vision; several hundred killed, a bigger number wounded, the destruction of south Lebanon and some eight hundred thousand refugees on the roads in south and north Lebanon seeking food, medical help and shelter, while the battle continues between Hezbollah guerrilla combatants and the Israeli army with its array of tanks and armour and massive air support at Bint Jbeil. Reports from Hezbollah sources indicate that twenty Israeli soldiers were killed and a larger figure wounded. Once again, the vaunted Israeli army is bogged down in the morass of south Lebanon and has not been able so far to move further north into Lebanon, or to score a significant land victory.

We have been advised that Condoleezza Rice is returning to the Middle East. We wonder to what end? If it is to reiterate American Israeli demands, she need not take the trouble to come back. Once again those demands would be rejected. The latest census in Lebanon indicates that 87% of the Lebanese people support Hezbollah.

It occurred to me that a possible solution for the problem would be for Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah to marry Condoleezza Rice, with President Bush as best man.

What a couple they would make.


Slydog_US Navy SEALs said...

Opion from America:
First of all Bush is actually not at the pinnacle of power as that is where the congress sits.
Second of all Hezbollah needs to be destroyed they are a terrorist organization and being such nobody should allow them to roam free abducting whoever they please. I do not agree with the way that Israel and the rest of the world are handling it as the best way to achive this goal but something needs to be done. What we really need is to put NATO on the ground and infiltrate Hezbollah strongpoints. Also with Hezbollah being a terrorist group nobody should even think of negotiating with them which means no prisoner swap.
I really do hope all goes well over ther and that this can end soon with good results.
---Good luck and God Speed

Slydog_US Navy SEALs said...

Also the kill count for Israel is 29 Israeli troops dead but the overall "score" is Israel:50 to Lebanons 359. Which in my opion is still way to much (being a suppoter of the unconventional warfare style) and i think we need to send in troops specialized in unconventional warfare such as the US Navy SEALs or NATO's spec ops as this is a unconventional war.

Anonymous said...

"That a simian moron like Bush should reach the pinnacle of power in the United States clearly indicates that there is something wrong with the American political system."

One might say the same thing about Hezbollah's 29 seats in Lebanon. Southern Lebanon is particularly in support of Hezbollah. It seems that no country is free from having radical groups gain power.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous:

You can't compare the 200 + year-old American democracy with a fledgling democracy fighting for its survival.

Anonymous said...

"The latest census in Lebanon indicates that 87% of the Lebanese people support Hezbollah."

There is your problem, right there. Instead of eating hummus and falafel, get your fat asses up and throw out these islamofascist bastards out of your country, so you can finally live in peace again. As a country, haven't you been raped enough by the f*cking Syrians, Iranians and their Hizbollah goons? Time to take a stance for Lebanon, cuz guess what pal: It ain't gettin' any better for you Lebanese with those census figures.

Anonymous said...

An Olive Branch for the Middle East extremists:

The people of the Middle East seem to express some import in the burning of the American flag. I have noticed that very often they seem to have some difficulty getting the home made flags to ignite.
I suggest as a gesture of world peace, that we take the very next empty super oil tanker in our ports and fill the hold with brand new hand sewn, made in America, American Flags, and let them distribute them to everyone who would like one to burn. And to aid in the ignition, since we can’t send matches or lighters with the flags, (Major fire hazard, what with the oil residue and all) I further suggest that we attach cases of match books to one or two hundred low yield cruise missiles and just drop the matches off at their front doors.

This situation with terrorism is exactly the same as the conflict with Japan. 911 was just another Pearl Harbor. Japan suffered enormous loss, but just kept coming until the US finally said enough; and even then it took the total destruction of two of their major cities.

It's very simple; the worlds Christian Anglo’s need to wake the F#*K up! and realize that this is not the “Marcus of Queensbury” rules. The moment you take a swing at me, you give up all rights to suggest how I should respond. If you punch me in the eye do not complain when I fight better than you do and stomp you into a carpet stain.

Until we are willing to fight this war we are going to continue losing. I did not vote for George Bush and as far as domestic issues I think I was right. But as far as the war with these "rabid junkyard rats" we have two options; set the junk yard dog (Sadam) free or leave "Six gun George" alone and let him do his job. Stop the politics and let’s fight.

Anyone who thinks we can negotiate a peace with these psychotic maniacs is an idiot. They are not looking for reparations, land, political power, or the pull out of foreign forces. They want one thing, the death of anyone who is not one of them. Let Iran have their nukes. Then the first thing flying out of their airspace larger than a hummingbird and we’ll have every right to turn Iran into a sheet of glass.

We should pull all military assets out of every foreign country, bring them home and defend our borders. Take the money that we are wasting in Iraq and spend it on missile defense systems and higher yield weapons and securing our ports and people. In less than 6 months the population of all Arab countries would be cut in half, as they would kill each other, then any country that is supporting a terrorist group that harms any US citizen or asset gets bombed flat, Hiroshima style parking lot.

Anonymous said...

As an African American I agree that spreading "Democracy" throughout the Middle East is riddiculous when we can't even do it here. People who worship death need to be ruled with an iron fist. I say release Sadam and restore his royal guard and inner circle. He was the stabilizing force in the region.

The One said...

Wow, it is very difficulat to find such a large # of BS comments in the same place. Anyways, here are some DECENT comments instead, perhaps they will help clear the stinch out:

1. Hizb Allah is not a terrorist organization. The fact that only Zionists, American warmongers and pigs like Mat Harper of Canada brand them that way (vs the rest of the world) is really worthless.

2. Those KKK-types that were talking of "Hiroshima-style" massacares should include some physical location info so that they can sample some real retaliation since they are so tough. It is (in the least) nauseating to see that some vermin actually exist who can be supporters (let alone proud) of such inhuman actions. People like you deserve MUCH WORSE than death.

3. Those "experts" of "unconventional warfare" were handled quite well by Hizb Allah in 1983, and the cowardly Zionist pigs were driven out of Lebanon shortly after. Godwilling, the same will happen again very soon.

Anonymous said...

It's like this Mr. "The One": You Islamofascists cherish death more than life. In the end, you shall get what you desire.

The One said...

To die for the service of God, your people and your country is a blessing, welcome anyday. My wish though is that every one who does, does so after achieving as much success as possible first.

PS: "Islamofascists"? hmmm... nice... I don't see Lebanese tanks on your land!

Anonymous said...

I am truly currious to know why an all powerful God, be it Allah, Vishnu, or what ever one you choose, would go through all the trouble of creating the complex blend of humanity on this planet, and then tell one group of them to destroy the others? I don't get it. Why would the All Mighty need you to do something he/she could do with a wink of an eye?
At least you would think that if it was truly Allah/God's wish he/she would give you better tools to do it, would'nt he? come on, truck bombs? old russian rockets? not even misiles but unguided rockets? homemade bodybombs?

At least in the Christian fairy tales, God did most of his own destruction. He even gave Moses that neat little stick that turned into a snake (How cool is that) and it even worked on plumbing (Parted the Red Sea) What did he need with our help.

Where does it say "I the All Mighty will destroy every one on the planet, that I created, by enlisting the help of Hiz-eboli, because I'm too busy to do it myself?

Why not a plague, frogs, crickets, or may be global warming that only kills the people I don't like?

The One said...

So let me get this straight: Are you suggesting that the Lebanese people should shut up and recieve the Israeli bombardment since God didn't provide them with better weapons?

PS: Why is it that many Americans believe that anyone who dares to say NO to American oppression is automatically an insane terrorist who will never stop killing "others" till there is no one else to kill?

Anonymous said...

I'll try this another way, the moment you take a swing at someone you give up all rights to dictate their response. Right or wrong you can not poke a hornet’s nest with a stick and then cry foul when you get stung. I pray that the Lebanese Government will step up and condemn the actions of hez-eboli and give the rest of the world a reason to step in. I regret the death of any human as I truly believe we are one people.

As for American oppression, Try going to one of the Hamas, Hezbollah, or Al’quaeda supporting villages and standing in the middle of town and yelling “I don’t agree with you people” and there will be a cure for poverty before they find your body. That to me is oppression. You can go to Times Square and shout “George Bush is a jackass” and still go home and have dinner with your family. The Lebanese government is paralyzed by fear and being held hostage by hez-eboli. That to me is oppression.

If American oppression was truly the issue with the extremist, putting an end to that would be as simple as using the power of the oil to bear. Invest in poor American communities; create jobs for poor Americans and you would control this country. The best way to hurt a rich white man is to make him a poor white man. You can continue to kill the under privileged I don't agree with your religious views with regards to the hate, but it's more holy than the world Anglo worship of the all mighty $$$ There are cities throughout the US that are in financial ruin, take some of the oil money and save one and see what that does to public opinion. Save the right one and I guarantee Israel would be reined in the next day. Some of us have not forgotten the USS Liberty. (look it up, a good read)

In closing, do you truly believe that Emperor Dick Cheney gives a sh*t about Extremist killing black, Hispanic or Arab Americans? You will never hear a story about a rich White American Son or Daughter being killed in Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia, etc.

Anonymous said...

And Who is being killed by the insurgents in Iraq? Iraq's own people are dying in the name of the same crap that Hamas and Hez-eboli are spewing.

Anonymous said...

One last comment perhaps: To hell with all monotheistic religions. They are the cause of all the bloodshed and misery on Earth.

Anonymous said...

AMEN :-)

RememberJohnson'sWar said...

Memories of Johnson's War: I don't agree with everything in the Wizard's opinion piece. Calling Geo. Bush "simian" does no good, I think, and I believe you meant to write "psychotic" (crazy) instead of "psychiatic" (having to do with psychological medicine.)

As an American, though, I'm ashamed of the general level of stupidity and bloodthirstiness shown by most of my fellow countrymen who are commenting in here. We Americans are so accustomed to being a superpower than we don't even realize how unreasonable and bullying we can become. We are much bloodier and more destructive as a nation than Hezbollah has ever been as a militia group, which is not to excuse Hezbollah for a minute. And yet when Hezbollah shows the kind of stubborn defiance of the Israelis that we would expect any patriotic southerner in the US to show to ANY foreign invader of our country, we talk as if Israel should incinerate a whole country in retaliation.

I make no apologies for Hezbollah at all, no apologies for any group that makes public declarations of anti-Semitism. I'm part Jewish and I suppose I am a reluctant Zionist: I think the modern state of Israel is a mistake, and is partly founded on crimes, yet I can't imagine it being eliminated without the commission of even worse mistakes and crimes.

BUT -- Israel is engaged in a bloody, aggressive, unjust business when they use their army and air force to pound all of Lebanon into nothing in order to eradicate this group -- which I suspect they can't eradicate. The US government, by standing by and smiling while the Israelis commit their carnage, is claiming ownership of all of Israel's unjust acts. And the only possible outcome of this war will be a Middle EAst that is more hostile to Israel and the United States than it was to start with. This is not only a war crime; it is a stupid war crime.

The Wizard knows this; the foolish American apologists for Bush and Israel do not.