Sunday, July 23, 2006

The Shit and the Fart

In an idle exchange of conversation through microphones between George W. Bush and Tony Blair in a recent conference, the word "shit" was heard. It could only have emanated from the President of the United States where the word shit is often used. This would indicate that Americans appear to be deeply concerned with their abdominal functions. On the other hand, Tony Blair and his compatriots normally fart, and it was for that reason that jackets with two side vents were invented, it was to allow gentlemen to fart with greater ease against well stoked fire places. A case in point, I had been invited years and years ago to lunch in Jerusalem by Lord Runciman, a well known writer and historian, in an old stone house where he lived. Following an acceptable lunch and some good wine, Lord Runciman stood with his back to a fireplace which happened to be there, and with his hands through the side vents he raised the back of his jacket and produced three huge farts, and with a benign smile he said: I always fart after lunch. And thus, President Bush shits and Prime Minister Blair farts, but where does Condoleezza Rice fit in all this? She must have a tough time shaping the policies of the world between one Shit and one Fart. This could explain the war in Iraq and the messing up of the whole Middle East, including the destruction of Lebanon.

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jaime green said...

luv the shit,fart anthology Mz Rice's thinking is a mixture of both. Her actions are not the wishes of my country. She does not reflect the views of those of us who demand PEACE NOW.! The USA can no longer support the barbarian acts of Israel.!