Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Man and the Ape

Hitler is a thing of the past. President Bush is unfortunately of the present, with his schizophrenic vision of the world and of the Middle East in particular. History will record that Bush's attack and invasion of Iraq was unjustified and disastrous as much for the United States as for Iraq, which has ceased to be a country, and which has been reduced to ethnic and religious communities, living in a state of war and terror. Once a rich and prosperous country with possibly the highest rate of academic and scientific achievement in the Middle East (despite the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein), today, thanks to President Bush, one million Iraqis have lost their lives, four million have been displaced and four other million are starving. We have to thank Bush and his Zionist cronies like the Pearls, the Wyeth's etc. for this achievement, all for the security of Israel, we have been told. Words fail to describe the megalomaniac idiocy of that man, who now proposes to provide Israel with 30 billion dollars worth of military aid 15 billion to Egypt. Military aid on that scale is the last thing that the region needs. Food, education and water is what the region needs.

It is the height of irony that a schizophrenic member of what is supposed to be a distinguished family should be in a position to rule the world, while Russia and Europe hold conferences to determine whether Lebanon should be allowed to survive as a democratic independent country. To be fair to Bush, he has consistently supported the existence of a Lebanon as an independent and sovereign country, and has condemned Syrian interference in the affairs of that country. The question remains, what has the United States done to give effect to its proclaimed policy. Not much other than threats of sanctions.

Looking back, the Israeli air strike on some installations in Syria (certainly not atomic, because Syria is still far off from that possibility), would seem gratuitous and to no purpose other than to invite some sort of response. Nevertheless, Syria has not responded, neither directly nor through its allies in Lebanon.

Rumour has it that the two Israeli soldiers kidnapped by Hezbollah have since died. No news to that effect have come out of Israel or out of Hezbollah. As far as Hezbollah is concerned, we doubt whether they would deliberately destroy two trump cards in their hands instead of looking after them for an eventual exchange of prisoners.

Back to Lebanon, we have an ex-convict offering his penal experiences as a C.V. for the Presidency of Lebanon, while an ex-General asserts that he is the only possible candidate for the Presidency. It is the view of the Wizard of Beirut that if ever Presidential elections take place, some second Lahoud, with Syria's blessings will be elected. On this happy note the Wizard of Beirut bids you au revoir.l