Tuesday, July 25, 2006

From America with Love

Condoleezza Rice came and left with nothing to show for her visit other than to grant Israel further time to complete the total destruction of Lebanon.

In her meetings with Prime Minister Siniora and Speaker Nabih Berri, she simply reiterated Israeli demands which were rejected out of hand. On the other hand Berri indicated that Lebanon was prepared to consider an exchange of prisoners through the agency of a third party.

Without American support and encouragement it is doubtful that Israel would have waged such a vicious war on Lebanon. The object of the exercise, according to Bush and Condoleezza Rice, is to isolate Iran and Syria and to change the status quo in the Middle East. If Afghanistan and Iraq are an example of the new Middle East era, it would seem doubtful that the Arab world welcome the American initiative.

On the ground, Israel claims to have occupied two villages on the Lebanese frontier, Maroun el Ras and Bint Jbeil. If true, this would represent an insignificant land victory, when we consider the nature and volume of the armament which Israel has thrown into the battle, including air strikes on a scale not seen since World War II. It is to be noted that the bombs which are turning south Lebanon and the southern outskirts of Beirut are all marked "From America with love."


Earl G said...

Don't get mad at Israel. Don't get mad at the United States.

Get mad at your government and fellow citizens for not having the testicular fortitude to kick terrorists out of your government and out of your country.

Anonymous said...

Dear Earl,
The Shiites represent nearly 40% of the Lebanese population. How do you expect a government - supposed to represent the whole country - to oppose 40% of its population? The Lebanese government had no choice but to compromise. Whenever a politician has tried or even thought of taking another path, he's been murdered. Read the previous messages of the Wizard (from the beginning) and you might perhaps understand that things are not always black and white, good or bad, and that a small country where 18 different religions and communities try to live together side by side, is not easy to manage. If the problem were indeed so easy to resolve, the Israeli government would have resolved its problem with the Palestinians of Gaza and the West Bank a long time ago. And by the way, all Hezbollah members are Lebanese. Where do you want them to go? It's their country as much as any other Lebanese citizen. So try for some intelligence instead of stupid suggestions.
Best wishes

Irene said...

Dear Edna,

Thanks for your response to Earl. It is heartening to see that some people like you are "enlightened." It gives us courage in our misery.


Anonymous said...

For some reason my earlier post did not "post". However, do you have proof of these sayings on the American bombs? Do you have pictures or video? That's a powerful accusation you are making.

Anonymous said...

I read (On another thread on this site) that hezbollah makes up over 50% of lebanese population and political power. is this true? because if it is then the Lebanese "Government" and the "Army" should step down and follow the will of the people. and the Lebanese people should except the choices they have made. Either follow hezbollah down this road to destruction or support the official government.

Jennifer said...

To the Anonymous whose post didn't post last time:

Actually I've got a few pics of little (and big) Israelis writing such things on the bombs as from Israel with love and signing their names. The moms are standing proudly by. Disgusting. And Americans think Palestinains and Arabs teach their kids to hate!

Note: If it says from Israel with love, it might as well say from America with love. Our tax dollars make Israel the monster it is today.