Sunday, July 16, 2006

Beirut Diary - July 16th

Never a dull moment in Beirut these days. Since midnight till the early hours of the morning Israeli planes hovered over Beirut, dropping a bomb here or firing a missile there, mostly on the southern outskirts of the City, the headquarters of Hezbollah. The main offices of Hezbollah, a building of nine floors was laid waste in yesterday's bombing. The charismatic but megalomaniac leader of Hezbollah, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah was heard yesterday over the air exhorting the Lebanese people to stand firm in defence of their country, honour and "dignity". As I write this diary I hear bombs dropping somewhere. Are two Israeli soldiers, one of whom is a Druze worth the honour and dignity of which Hassan Nasrallah speaks?

I escaped one airstrike yesterday when I went for my morning swim at the Bain Militaire, a military club with swimming and other facilities. The club lies on the sea front, almost adjoining the lighthouse which was bombed yesterday afternoon and rendered inoperative. The club suffered minor damage. I am not foolhardy enough to return today. I just heard two very big bangs, and fortunately I am not in the pool of the Bain Militaire, but at home writing those few lines. One more bang...all to no point and to no purpose, other than to oblige the Lebanese Government to take action against Hezbollah. Unfortunately the Lebanese army is not sufficiently well equipped to deal with Hezbollah and the fact that at least half the population is pro-Hezbollah.

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Mohamed said...

A Great hail to the strong Lebanese people.

All what you must know is that all Arabian peoples are with you and sure Islamic peoples.Don't look to governments,their end are forthcoming.

I hope that you visit me on my blog(Clean fun) and specially read 'The real starter' post.

Again,we all are with you,and the victory is very soon.

Anonymous said...

Does Allah like you more than he likes me? I am so sick and tired of these "Holy Wars" Why would God, Allah, Vishnu (pick one)go through all the trouble of creating this amazing melting pot of peoples only to find some nut in the middle of the desert and tell him to "assemble a group of lunatics and destroy my creation" does that make sense to anyone?

Anonymous said...

Your site is on top of my favourites - Great work I like it.