Thursday, September 22, 2011

Peace and not War

There can be no doubt that from a military point of view, Israel is the strongest nation in the Middle East, apart from the fact that if there is ever a real threat to the supremacy of Israel, the United States will come to its rescue.

Such an event occurred when Sadate's forces pushed the Israelis forces beyond Suez. The United States came to its rescue in airlifting its entire military arsenal in Europe to Sinai to allow Israel to push back the advancing Egyptian forces. If we accept the fact that conquest by force of arms of Israel is not possible within the foreseeable future, a policy of peace can well destroy Israel. If peace were to be rigorously applied by the Arab nations and the Palestinians, the dissentions within Israel itself will come to the fore and in due course destroy Israel.

Israel is a mixture of several people from the four corners of the Earth. For example the Germanic Jewish population looks upon itself as the elite of Israeli society and looks down upon the Yemenite and Arab Jews as second grade citizens.

It behooves the Arab nations therefore to enforce complete peace along the frontiers of Israel, such as to give no pretext to Israel to attack any of the Arab nations. We confess that to secure Arab unity or action, a great deal has still to be done.

Today, the Arab word is going through a process of revolts against long established regimes, dictatorial for the most part. In Egypt a military junta rules. Syria has become a hot bed of rebellion. Jordan appears to be stable under Hashemite rule. Jordan itself as well as Egypt who have signed peace treaties with Israel are in a sense out of the equation. Iraq is being methodically destroyed as a nation by the United States and its minor allies. In fact, Iraq under Sadam Hussein if it had then united with Syria would have presented a potential threat to Israel, which explains why as early as 1988 the Jewish lobby in Washington decided to wage war on Iraq and destroy its military potential, not to mention a few barrels of oil usurped by the United States army.

Israel was born and has survived in a context of war. It is time therefore for the Arab world to adopt a non-belligerent policy thereby allowing dissensions within Israeli society to make themselves evident. We very much doubt that such an event will take place and hence Israeli expansion will continue within the next fifty years, notwithstanding United Nations sanctions.