Friday, August 11, 2006

Nothing new ...

The Israeli Cabinet has adopted a decision to expand and intensify its war on Lebanon, if only to score a tangible land victory for the benefit of Israeli public opinion on the one hand and to satisfy President Bush who believes that an Israeli land victory will advance his distorted plan for a new Middle East, of which Iraq is but one example.

We admit that an advance into Lebanon by the Israeli army is not beyond the capacity of the Israeli military establishment. It will undoubtedly be costly for both sides, and particularly for Israel, if yesterday's fierce combats and the losses, in men and armour , that Israel suffered are any indication. On the assumption that Israel does reach the Litani, what then? With Lebanese combatants snapping at their heels, day and night, can Israel sustain a lengthy occupation? Will public opinion in Israel accept the daily blood letting of the army? It would seem doubtful. Unfortunately we have a moronic President in the United States who continues to urge and support Israel's savage and brutal war on Lebanon.

Two Israeli soldiers were kidnapped, a gratuitous act, but nothing unusual within the contest of the daily kidnapping by Israel of Palestinian leaders. Neither Bush nor his lackey Blair ever expressed indignation or any reaction against any such action taken by Israel. Bush and Blair have branded Hezbollah and Hamas as terrorist organisations; Blair forgets that Jewish terrorism against Britain created Israel, and sent any army of one hundred thousand men packing out of Palestine. If Bush and Blair were to pay a visit to the Citadel in the city of Acre, they would find that that citadel has been dedicated to "freedom fighters", former terrorists who had committed heinous crimes against humanity such as the massacre of Deir Yassin and other similar massacres intended, according to Begin in his memoirs, to sow panic in the Palestinian hinterland and give rise to the exodus and to he Palestinian refugee problem which continues to bedevil the Middle East.

We must be grateful to Messrs Bush and Blair for their kind thoughts and actions …


Amine M Daouk said...

How sad
The British Empire is reduced to a Blair
and I expect the Old American Independence fighters from the South where the Texan Gun Slinger comes from, were NOT terrorist to rid their country from the occupying British and throw them in the SEA and reclaim their own Land, similar to what the Palestinians are doing.
What should we measure up to when we try to fight the occupiers... do we ask them gently?
I am afraid the British Empire which conquered the World by terrorisation, is reduced to a simple Blair, by a Gunslinger found behind a Bush

Sarah said...

it is indeed shameful.
The UNable UN's Security council just passed unanimously a puny UN Resolution 1701, one month LATEr.

The bookkeepers will say no. In Israel's short history, it has never respected one of 70 resolutions passed against its aggression. It has violated the UN resolutions each and every time, that is not to mention the UDHR and the Geneva Conventions.

cloud9 said...

the double standards of the Americans and British and Israelis are the flavour of the 21st century.
ISrael has started to break the resolution at 4 am in Beirut and the south.

Anonymous said...

"Blair forgets" - European leaders and nations have a lot to remember from the forties.
But they have long ago accepted borders, resettled refugees and do not seek to settle old scores.
Still fighting that 1948 war seems to be the (gratuitous ?) choice of Lebanon...

Dear Amine M Daouk, IMHO Texas won its "independence" from Mexico, not British Empire.
Entirely different story.

Anonymous said...

to annonymous
I did refer to the American Independence... and I wondered if your Texan thinks that Americans fighting the British for their independence were terrorists!!!