Friday, May 05, 2006

War but not peace

The United States has become an instrument of war, primarily if not exclusively for the benefit of Israel. In a recent press conference, the President categorically stated that Israel was the United States’ closest ally, and that it was the duty of the United States to defend Israel, hence the war on Iraq, which if allied with Syria would have constituted a potential threat to Israel. It was not the myth of the so-called weapons of mass destruction, which President Bush invoked as a reason of waging war on Iraq. Such weapons never existed and the United States was well aware of it. The war on Iraq was planned by the Zionist lobby in Washington which included such characters as Pearle, Wolfowitz and Dick Cheyney as early as 1998. As a potential threat to Israel, Iraq had to be eliminated. The United States is doing a good job in eliminating Iraq from the face of the earth. One hundred Iraqis were killed on 3rd May to add to the many tens of thousands that have perished. That some 2,500 young Americans have lost their lives for the sake of Israel does not seem to bother President Bush.

The atomic threat which President Bush invokes in the case of Iran is as fictitious as the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. It will be many years before Iran can produce an atomic bomb. Even then, it will not have the means to deploy such a weapon against the United States. On the other hand, Iranian missiles can reach Tel Aviv, which explains the campaign which President Bush has orchestrated against Iran and its Syrian ally.

So it all boils down to the Israeli tail wagging the American head, and we in the Middle East are paying the price to a point where the tragic Palestinian problem has been forgotten, or relegated to a non issue.

The irony lies in the fact that having insisted on Palestinian democratic elections, the United States which had monitored the elections, now refuses to recognize the results of those elections because the overwhelming winner, Hamas, does not regard Israel with friendly eyes. The United States has in fact imposed sanctions on a freely elected Government by cutting off essential funding, essential for the very lives of the Palestinian people, but who cares so long as they are not Jewish.

Added on 5th July 2006

Having destroyed by air, land and sea all essential services in the Gaza strip such as electricity, water, roads and bridges, and having imposed a total blockade of the whole area with the object of destroying an entire people through hunger, Israel has mobilized the media of the whole world for the sake of one soldier captured in battle, while hundreds if not thousands of Palestinian prisoners languish or die in Israeli jails.

End of addendum

If only Lord Balfour were to rise from the dead, he would be appalled by the misery which has been inflicted on the Palestinians as a result of his famous 1917 Declaration. Over the centuries, Palestine has been conquered and occupied by more nations that can be counted. In terms of history, Israel will also perish like so many other conquerors.

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