Wednesday, May 17, 2006


The current political situation in both Syria and Lebanon reflect a continuing tug of war between both countries and a similar tug of war between pro and anti Syrian currents in Lebanon itself, where national sentiment, within the real sense of the terms is only paper thin, such that it tends to explode whenever subjected to foreign pressure.

The 14th March, 2005 rally, following the assassination of Prime Minister Hariri, gave rise to hope that a Lebanese consciousness, a sense of identity had risen from the ashes. Whether it has in fact been born is a matter for conjecture. Myth or reality, however, is the only possible hope for Lebanon. The alternative is a return to anarchy and foreign domination.

Alas, nothing new has appeared on the horizon. The Dialogue Conference resumed yesterday after a long adjournment. Hands were shaken and kisses were exchanged, but the Presidential issue, one of the main items on the agenda of the Conference remained suspended in mid air without a coherent majority, one way or the other. It now appears that President Lahoud will be allowed to finish his Mandate, which ends in Autumn of 2007.

The next topic on the agenda was the armed wing of Hezbollah (Party of God). The leader of the Party, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah presented a lengthy report over seventy minutes during which he outlined the strategic necessity for Hezbollah to maintain its armed wing, in view of Israeli aggressive territorial ambitions. He stressed the fact that if the Lebanese Army were to be deployed on the Lebanese-Israeli frontier, one sweep of Israel jets would be sufficient to annihilate such deployment, whilst in the case of Hezbollah, its fighters are not recognizable. They melt in the environment as simple peasants and cannot be targeted, in addition to the fact that Hezbollah’s arsenal of long-range missiles was well hidden and cannot be reached by Israel.

The presentation was well and positively received by one and all of the Delegates to the Conference, including Walid Jumblatt, the Druze leader himself who went as far as to congratulate Sheik Hassan on his lucid and cartesian presentation of the issue.

Consequently, Hezbollah will retain its armed wing until such time as peace has been signed with Israel, not a likely event in the foreseeable future. U.N. Resolution 1559, like so many others before it will be consigned to the drawers, already full of resolutions relating to Israel which have never been fulfilled.


Anonymous said...

hello from Israel.
Both side a getting hurt and things only can get better.
After Rafik Hariri's murder the Lebanonies people went to the street and a month later almost all the Syrian army was out of Lebanon.
Nassralla wanted you all to suffer. for him, it is too much to ask not to destroy the tourism season. Hizzballa has 2 of our soldier and for what. i guess that 250 people dead plus a lot of distruction is a good price to pay in order to get Samir Kuntar back. it could all be avoided if the Lebanonies goverment and citizens were stopping Hizzballa of making another indipendent state in southern Beiruth and Lebanon.
I believe, truly!!!, that if there wasn't hizzballa in Lebanon and now that the Syrian went our, we could have peace with you. we could give back all the prisoners and get ours, we could enjoy the tourism in here since Lebanon is a very pretty country and it sad for me and a lot of other to see you all suffer like that because of Hizzballa. YOU all need to start taking control on your country, kick Hizzballa and the rest of the syrian who treat you like an abused child. YOU all have the power!!!.
A lot of time it looks in TV that we are doing wrong with the Palestinians also. The common thing betweent the Hammas and the Hizzballa is that both organizations shoots and attacks out of civilians structures. the hide their rockets and bomb inside private houses with families inside, hide it in schools and kindergarden. This is a dirty war and people in both sides getting hurt. I've been surving inside Lebanon almost 10 years ago and we all were very glad to go out but we all were very sad to see a big yellow flag in the other side of the border instead your pretty flag with the tree. Lebanon is weak and the aim of this action beside bringing back the soldier is to allow the Lebanonies army to take control on the border nad take charge on YOUR country.
Syria and Hizzballa controls your life and you all know it. Syria is trying to hurt us threw YOU and YOU are the people who suffers.
WAKE UP LEBANON, we are the same people with the same goals which is live in peace and enjoy life.
We're sad that it's hurt but we had no choise.
We had enough, lets have peace, you'll get the prisoners and we all can start flurishing instead of waiting for the next conflict.

Yoav Moalem
Haifa, Israel

Anonymous said...

Dear Yoav,
Well spoken. God bless.

Anonymous said...

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