Thursday, September 07, 2006

Bush and Islam

The latest to come out of the demented mind of President Bush is that Sunni as well as Shia'a moslems constitute a grave danger to the of the United States. In the same breath he accuses Iran of being the hot bed of terrorism.

Bush cannot understand, and if he were to understand, he will not admit that his cherished child,Israel, is the source of all the ills that beset the Middle East, and that he, Bush has sponsored, armed, abetted and encouraged the Israeli crimes against humanity in its war on Lebanon, and that Bush, not Al Qaeda, will go down in history as the biggest terrorist of them all. Afghanistan and Iraq, with a million dead, maimed and wounded, are an example of the terrorist policies of President Bush.

What does that ape of a man hope to achieve in his media attacks on Iran and now Islam? What victory is he trying to snatch out of defeat and the bankruptcy of his foreign policy. Israel's Olmert failed to provide him with that victory, and now he calls on Israel to maintain its blockade of Lebanon and at the same time, he blocks a meeting of the Security Council for fear that the Council will condemn the Israeli blockade as an act of war, in violation of U.N.Resolution 1701.

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Anonymous said...

Bush is a 'war president': "I make decisions with war on my mind." Bush said it himself. What does his administration have to gain? Money! Take a look at the people in the bush administration. They are international buisnessmen who deal in death. When there is war, the companies they are tied to make unimaginable amounts of money building war planes, bombs, tanks, etc. War bennifits them. They manufactor the war machine and companies they are tied to also get get rich rebuilding countries they destroy.

Sometimes I wonder if these monsters are even human. How do they go to sleep at night in their expensive sheets, in their mansions, knowing that they get to enjoy the good life off the backs of innocent people who have suffered.